Monday, June 20, 2005


More on motorcycle helmet laws

The Kingsport Times-News came out today against proposed changes in Tennessee law that would allow motorcycle operators to ride without helmets. The analogies the editors use with regards to seat belts and riding in the back of pickup trucks are the same ones I have used over the past few months.

While helmets and seatbelts are common sense things to do. I don't like the idea of government forcing people to excercise common sense. To me this is more about freedom and an intrusive government. If someone wants to take a chance to have their head busted over the highway, they should have that right, in my opinion.
Glen -

While I usually am in agreement with that libertarian strain of thought, I would only do such in this case if Medicaid and disability were abolished. I don't mind people acting like idiots as long as it doesn't take resources away from those who don't act like idiots.


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