Wednesday, June 15, 2005


More Filibuster Fall-out: RINO DeWine's son defeated in Ohio primary

Defeated GOP Candidate Pat DeWine

For those GOP senators that helped forge the compact with the Democrats that handicapped the will of the majority on judicial nominations, you should be warned that your next campaign will be difficult. Take a look at Pat DeWine, son of Senator Mike DeWine, he of the treacherous 7 GOP Senators that turned against Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Before the filibuster fray, Pat DeWine, running for Congress in Ohio's 2nd District, had a huge lead in the polls and a commanding lead in fundraising. After his dad showed his true RINO colors, DeWine's campaign went into a tailspin. Yesterday, Ohio conservatives said that they had enough DeWine with their meal and awarded Pat only 12% of the vote and a distant 4th place finish. (Final results from Ohio can be found here.) The L.A. Times credits DeWine's monumental collapse to the efforts of Christian conservatives to seize upon his dad's treachery, his floundering on the abortion issue (like "SpongeBob" Corker), and his refusal to speak about his divorce from 3 years ago.

The DeWine family is just starting to feel the wrath of Ohio conservatives. If former Congressman John Kasich can be talked into challenging DeWine in 2006, Pat and Mike might both wish that Mike hadn't sold out their party's majority status. In one flawed move, two political careers may come crashing down.


Nope: can't find any. Not for father or son.

I must have used it all up on those judges that DeWine and his buddies used for bargaining chips.
John Kasich is a good man and would be a fine replacement for either of Ohio's two senators.
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