Monday, June 20, 2005


Kurita tries to connect with East Tennessee Democrats

There is an interesting interview with State Senator Rosalind Kurita, the sole challenger to Harold Ford, Jr. in the 2006 Democratic primary for Senator Frist's seat, in today's Kingsport Times-News. Kurita's "working woman" schtick and stand on firearms may play well with some East Tennesseans, but her "more money will fix TennCare," lack of solutions on the jobs issue (is it really an issue with the strong jobs numbers over the past 15 months?), and pro-choice rhetoric will certainly not. Said Kurita:

"I am a genuinely conservative Democrat with a record to back it up."

As long as one distinguishes a "genuinely conservative Democrat" from someone who is genuinely conservative, I have no problem with that, because there is a big difference between the two labels. "Genuinely conservative Democrat" doesn't look a whole lot different than RINO Republican.

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