Friday, June 24, 2005


Bowers, indicted for bribes, asks for more

State Senator Kathryn Bowers was indicted last month as part of the FBI's "Tennessee Waltz" sting for bribery and extortion under the federal Hobbs Act. Now she is asking lobbyists to reduce her "campaign debt," which is currently a legal act. However, if she were to use that money to, for instance, pay for a mountain of legal expenses she is about to incur, the act of asking for lobbyist gifts is in itself against Tennessee law. So, as there is no way to efficiently track where the money is going, you're supposed to trust her - a person who has done more to erode the public's trust of Tennessee legislators in such a short time than anyone in state history - that she will put this money to the use she is saying she will put it to. Just trust her.


Mark Greene, spokesman for the Tennessee Lobbyists Association, believes that Bowers will have no problem raising the money. As he put it,

"She's a senator until she's not."

From what I have heard over the past week, that "not" is where the smart money is - and soon.

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