Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Sorry for the language, but I just spent 45 minutes on a great post regarding Katherine Harris, TeamGOP, Doc B, and political elites. You can't read it, though, because - FOR THE SECOND TIME TODAY - the Blogger program screwed up, logged me out, and failed to publish the post. Ann Althouse and others have left Blogger in the dust recently because of this kind of incompetence. I will be exploring other methods now, as well.


Or Word Press
I can relate Rob. I have had it happen to me before. Now if I write something really long and I put a lot of work into it, I do it in Microsoft Word. Then I paste it into Blogger and if Blogger screws it up, I still have a copy saved on Word. I still like Blogger though. It's free and I like free.
Allow me to put in a word for WordPress. I am really impressed with it overall, especially the new edition.
I've had my share of issues with blogger too - but I also get what I paid for (nothing).

If there is another free blogging service out there - I'd switch in a heartbeat. But as of yet, I've found nothing.

Blogging isn't a priority to me, so anything more than free isn't going to interest me much.
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