Friday, May 20, 2005


The Right to Hunt and Fish

A state constitutional amendment has been working its way through the Tennessee General Assembly that would recognize hunting and fishing as constitutionally-protected rights. Several state legislatures, including those in Wisconsin, Alabama, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Virginia, have passed similar constitutional amendments that protect hunting and fishing, while some states such as California, Rhode Island, and Vermont have had such a constitutional right for generations. The amendment is scheduled to hit the Senate floor early next week, so, of course, The Tennessean has to come out against it. Why? Well, besides drawing strong support from the NRA, the amendment severely limits the regulatory power of the state to constrict or eliminate hunting and fishing activities within its borders. Basically, it provides greater liberty to Tennesseans, so, therefore, the liberals in the state government (Attorney General Paul Summers, in particular) and the media are uncomfortable. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission is also in a libertarian sort of mood, approving the open use of crossbows during the 2005 deer season.

However, the Tennessee liberals aren't organizing a march or protesting on Capitol Hill regarding either the amendment or the TWRC ruling. Why? Well, it could be that they know they are outnumbered on this issue in Tennessee, and they know it. Al Gore was anti-hunter, and we all know where that got him. Phil Bredesen knew of Gore's troubles, which is why he reinvented himself to be a friend of the hunter in order to fool the public. Even John Kerry knew, although his oratory about hunting deer ("playing the wind...crawling on my belly") revealed his fraud. So, while The Tennessean's editorial ran, it could be worse. Just look at what is going on in D.C., where the citizens of the nation's capital have no Second Amendment rights. Matt at Stop the Bleating! points to some unfortunate comments by D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. And Ms. Norton wonders why the Congress won't allow her a vote...

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