Sunday, May 15, 2005


Requiring parents to volunteer at TN schools?

I'm sure my libertarian friends will love this one. A bill slithering through the Tennessee General Assembly would require all parents of Tennessee schoolchildren to "volunteer" (which isn't really the right term since there isn't a choice to serve) 12 hours a year in their child's school. This stinks on two levels, really. First, it's more government regulation. Second, would you want every parent in the schools - even those with violent criminal backgrounds, a history of mental illness, or a history of sexual misconduct?

This is another great argument for homeschooling.

MORE: Bill Hobbs has more thoughts on this bill.

My first thought, when I saw this legislation back in February, was to wonder if Sen. Ford would actually ever spend 12 hours in a classroom himself. It's always easier to talk than walk. ;-)

However, if, as a result of this legislation, parents actually do decide to homeschool, we'll be ready to lend a hand.

Kay Brooks
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