Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Planned Parenthood Study: Abortion numbers down during Bush Administration

Poor Howard Dean. Every time he goes on the record, he gets caught in a lie. During his May 22nd appearance on "Meet the Press," Dean alleged that abortions had increased 25% under President Bush. Today, Planned Parenthood - not exactly friends of Bush or Rove - releases a study that shows that abortion numbers have decreased under President Bush.

It almost isn't fair that Dean is the Democrats' leader. You almost feel sorry for them.


Mad theory of the day: with the GOP dwarfing the Dems in general fund contributions, why do the Dems put up with Dean?

No, NOT Carl Rove!

But how about George "Deep Pockets" Soros?

Soros may have cut a deal saying something like: "Put Dean in there. And if you have him to keep the faith (so to speak), I'll make sure to keep all the liberal 527's I can in high cotton through 2008."
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