Tuesday, May 31, 2005


McCain as an Independent?

Mickey Kaus is of the opinion that John McCain is laying the groundwork for a run at the presidency as an Independent. Glenn Reynolds isn't buying it.

It's interesting that Mickey and Professor Reynolds are talking about this, because I have been thinking about this possibility over the past week. My best friend, who is a misguided Democrat corrupted by generations of Democrat mind control and a liberal arts education and apparently wants his son to live in a socialist state, was in KnoxVegas this past Tuesday and announced to me that he is offering his services to McCain - if McCain runs as an Independent. His extended family is already foaming at the mouth over the possibility of the Hildebeast capturing the Democratic nomination (of course, I am, too, but for different reasons), but my friend doesn't feel that he could ever support another Clinton. Why does he like McCain? I'm not sure, but maybe he likes being lied to. It was McCain's double-talk and day-to-day lying in 2000 that turned me off of his failed campaign. Maybe some people like sort of thing.

Writing of the Hildebeast, The Washington Post had a book excerpt that, depending on how you read it, will either make conservatives laugh hysterically or lose their breakfast. My favorite parts were where the author talked about Hillary playing to the conservatives, like Dick Morris, who is described as "mostly Republican." DICK MORRIS? Are you kidding? Morris is talented in analyzing the liberals, but he is confounded by conservatives. If one needed any more evidence as to his status as a non-Republican, that would be it. Also of interest is Bill Clinton's reaction to negative poll numbers indicating that he could be the downfall of Hillary with women due to Clinton's adultery. He didn't take it personally or show remorse. He only took the next political move to minimize the damage. Master politician? Surely. Human? Probably not.

MORE: John Walter at Tennessee Rants also envisions the same scenario as Mickey Kaus, but instead sees McCain crossing over to the Dark Side - ur, the Democratic Party. I can't see this, because McCain had the perfect opportunity to do this with Kerry and didn't (don't believe Kerry's denial - the offer was made on multiple occasions). Besides, the Independent "primary" would be a lot easier than taking on the Hildebeast and her liberal base on their home turf for the Democratic nomination.

I don't buy it. McCain has no chance of winning, even as an independent. I hate to say it, but in his mind, he is a loyal republican. I hate to say it though.
McCain could never win a primary as a Democrat. He is pro-life and against higher taxes. Dems like McCain as long as he is pissing inside our tent. They don't want him inside their tent. He still thinks his name recognition and $$$ in his warchest will carry him to the Republican nomination. I don't see it happening.
Actually, McCain got hurt in his 2000 GOP Primary run because he is only nominally pro-Life. A reporter collared him with a question about whether he would let his unwed daughter get an abortion. After several stops and starts, McCain issued a statement saying that such a thing would be a "family decision".

Which makes him pro-choice.
John Walter -

Good point. That was one of the many examples of McCain's Clintonesque flip-flopping from one day to the next. I thought he was a challenger up until everyone - except the MSM, of course - noticed that he was trying to be all things to all people.


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