Wednesday, May 04, 2005


For some light reading...

Kelley at Surburban Blight has a delightful story regarding her young son. She also has a thorough review of Sin City, a movie that I have seen twice at the theater (both matinees, mind you), which is saying something since I have only seen one other film at the theater this year (Phantom of the Opera). My first job in journalism was as a film critic, so I tend to watch with a critic's eye and hammer most movies (my wife believes me to be too harsh in this respect). However, for those with no moral objections, I second Kelley's recommendation. Sin City thrives on originality and violence. However, it is the same kind of violence that makes one understand why Sil has to shoot Adrianna twice in Season 5 of "The Sopranos." That being said, while you yearn to see the evildoers get their comeuppance, this movie more than earns its "R" rating. I first saw Sin City with my best friend in Bristol, and we both concluded that it was a movie that most men would enjoy and very few women would stomach. However, I appear to be incorrect, because Kelley liked it and my wife found it thought provoking.

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