Saturday, May 21, 2005


Enjoy the weekend!

Since I have a full slate this weekend (divided between family fun, a Sunday school picnic, and perhaps another UT DiamondVols game), blogging will be on the light side. I might be able to post in the evenings, but no promises. A few notes before the weekend begins in full:

1) Nashville-area alert - The Davidson County Young Republicans Family Picnic will be taking place TODAY at noon (Central Time) at the Cook Recreation Area at Percy Priest Lake. I'd post more if I knew more, but it sounds like a fun time.

2) Sevier County alert - The Sevier County Lincoln Day Dinner will take place tonight at the Mainstay Suites in Pigeon Forge. A reception is slated for 6:00 with dinner at 7:00 (like those times matter - I've never attended a Lincoln Day Dinner that started on time). I would be there, but I have a prior family commitment in Boones Creek (near Johnson City, for those not familiar with the Tri-Cities).

3) Georgiana Vines has a column in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel that can only be described as "mailing it in." And members of the mainstream media wonder why more people are turning to blogs for political coverage...

4) My father has informed me that he has a week open (June 4-11) at his condo in Hilton Head that he would be willing to deeply discount for any of my readers. Just be sure to mention this website when you call him. My wife and I spent our vacation there in April (our first vacation in over two years), and there is no place we would rather go.

5) Tonight is another racing fan's delight. First, the Preakness occurs in Baltimore (coverage to start at 5 P.M.). Second, NASCAR holds its annual All-Star race in Charlotte, where my wife's favorite, Ryan Newman, is on the pole. If anyone needs me during those races, don't call. Please.

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