Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Election Day

It's Election Day in some cities and counties throughout Tennessee, including Kingsport, Bristol, and my former home of Bluff City. I have received a few e-mails from voters in Kingsport (including my cousin, a rising 3L at Appalachian School of Law) that found my post on the alderman's race influential. Such influence may be of interest to John Jay Hooker, who has been added to the list of the converted with regards to how the Internet and blogs can alter politics. Mr. Hooker may be interested to know that he is (to my recollection) the first Democrat to ever receive my vote in the 1998 race for the Governor's Mansion. Unfortunately, that vote had more to do with his opposition than with Mr. Hooker's resume.

Influential? I don't think anyone would call your column or remarks about Ben Mallicote influential in light of the fact that not only was Ben elected but he led the field.

The only people who would have found your remarks in your "Kingsport Politics" blog influential would be those who are related to you or do not know you.
Anonymous -

The e-mailers used the word "influential." I was merely repeating their message. And, since you apparently can read, I assume that you read where I predicted that Ben would win. I just hope - for Kingsport's sake - that he shows up for more classes than he did at UT Law because of apathy, intoxication, etc.


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