Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Early reminder for Middle Tennessee GOP event

David Welborn, Webmaster for the Coffee County GOP, reminds me that the group will hold "An Evening of Vision" in conjunction with neighboring counties (Bedford, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Moore, Rutherford, Warren) on May 26. Ed Bryant, Bob Corker, Beth Harwell, and Van Hilleary will all be present and will be afforded time to present their visions for our state that evening. The event is slated to begin around 6:15 at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center. For more information, click here.

Will anyone be live-blogging that event?
Bill -

I haven't heard of anything related to live-blogging the event, but it is a good idea that I might follow through on myself. I'm not positive I will be at the event (the health problems having set me considerably behind in all facets of life), but I will be sure to let everyone know my plans and if live-blogging will be part of that.


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