Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Bredesen's Blog

Several of my Tennessee brethren have commented on Bredesen's new blog, including Bill Hobbs, Matt White, Blake Wylie, Adam Groves, John Walter, and Instapundit, as well as others. While I would love to have Bill Hobbs' optimism about the project, I can't help but share Matt White's skepticism, because my first thought was "I hope the staffer that is writing this is tech-savvy." Yes, I think that state reps and state senators could blog on a regular basis, but I am doubtful that elected officials any higher than that can make it work. I certainly wouldn't encourage any Member of Congress to try it on their own - those men and women have enough on their hands. I'm not even sure I would open up a blog for a Congressman with a staffer being responsible for ghost-writing it. That seems like quite a big responsibility to put on the shoulders of an overworked twentysomething who is already responsible for four major subjects, a committee assignment, keeping constituents happy, etc.

Bottom line: I'm not that excited about Bredesen's blog because - like the Nigerians that keep sending me e-mail wanting me to help them transfer millions of dollars - I don't think this is for real.

UPDATE: Matt White has the same reaction I had regarding the firing of Bredesen's top lobbyist Monday - where's the blog post? Just more evidence that Bredesen's blog is just a stunt, probably the product of BlogNashville's publicity and a governor who is in need of something positive in the media.

MORE: Bill Hobbs linked to news coverage of Bredesen's blog, where Tennessee Senator Tim Burchett was quoted:

With the governor now joining Rep. Campfield, is blogging now the future up on Capitol Hill?
"Probably not," said Sen. Tim Burchett. "I really don't have the time to fool with it, to tell you the truth."

Of course you don't, Tim. You're too busy backslapping with your Democratic buddies, trying to gather support for the newest version of your greatest legislative achievement, the "Road Kill" law. The truth is that you don't want to hear from the Republicans in your senate district that think that you are a lying snake that doesn't represent their interests. Enjoy Nashville while you're there, Tim, because your days there are numbered.

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