Wednesday, May 11, 2005


2006 Senate Race Rumblings

It's late, yes, but I've been trying to rundown (without waking anyone, mind you) the not-so-veiled reference by Blogging for Bryant that has Corker leaving the crowded GOP field to take on Bredesen in the Governor's race. Conventional wisdom amongst most Republicans older and wiser than I on the Lincoln Day circuit this year has been that either Hilleary or Corker would see the lack of primary competition in the governor's race and a vulnerable incumbent as too good to pass up. My bet (as I predicted at the Loudon County event months ago) was on Hilleary to do this, since it has always been his dream to be Tennessee Governor. He told me that during campaigning in 2002, and I have no reason to question his sincerity.

I am certainly not a Bob Corker fan. He is not a conservative, has raised taxes when he has been able, shades pro-choice, and doesn't inspire confidence in me as a true leader. That being said, I have written that I would support any of the 2006 GOP Senate candidates over Bredesen. I suppose that this would test that statement, but I think I would be a man of my word and support Corker for Governor. Now, is there anything to the rumor? More later today on this, I hope.

Just a teaser Rob.

There were some veiled references on TBR about coming shakeups in the Republican field, in the same broadcast Ed said Hilleary was in the race to stay. I think anyone who listens can't help drawing the same conclusion that Corker could be a candidate for Governor....or not.

I have heard rumors that Corker has always wanted to be Governor, the weaker Bredesen looks, the greater the liklihood of Corker or someone from the Senate field making the jump.

We'll see how it all plays out
Jay -

I've heard the same rumors, and it just makes sense that one candidate would jump to the other race. After all, there are no viable GOP options, you immediately go from trailing (if you are Corker, Hilleary, or Harwell) in one primary to being the frontrunner in the other, and, if you are Van or Bob, you are running for your "dream job."

You know, if just makes too much sense...

Cheers (and luck on finals)!

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