Thursday, April 21, 2005


"Tip jars" and Blogs

Glenn Reynolds found an article from Knight Ridder on tip jars and their use by bloggers. It is interesting to read the different viewpoints expressed in the article. I suppose that it is a decision that each individual blogger must make at some time. For the time being, I don't plan to place any tip jars or ads on VOLuntarilyConservative until such time as the site becomes too traveled and I have to move to my own domain. Right now, the main costs involved with blogging can be shown with time and effort. Once dollars are added to the mix, the issue changes.

QUERY: So, Mr. Huddleston is what you do all day [as in posting self aggrandizing messages on the internet] or do you have a job that pays?
Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,

OK, you have to see the irony in this - someone who posts anonymously wants to know additional details surrounding my life.

I think I have provided enough about myself during my first day of posting to make me feel uncomfortable, so I am not going to fall into the habit of providing specifics when it is not really constructive to bare my soul. As I suspect that is not what you wanted out of your query, you will just have to settle for some lyrics from The Floating Men's "Vanishing Man":

Just when you think I’m in the palm of your hand
You’ll hear clattering bottles and rattling cans
I’m a ghost in the grandstand
A sackful of wind
I’m a bat in the rafters
And a rat in the tin
In the cool before dawn
I’m a creak and a groan
I’m a breath on the back your neck and I’m gone...
I’m a pall of unease
I’m the wind in the weeds
I’m the light through the hole in the hat in your hand
I’m a wandering soul
I’m a vanishing man
A vanishing man.
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