Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Pre-K receives big push from Nashville's "Great Deceiver"

I write, of course, of The Tennessean's editorial that supports Bredesen's Frankenstein, the Pre-K program.

To Al Gore's friends at the major Nashville newspaper - I do not take issue with you endorsing everything Left, liberal, and Democratic. In fact, I would expect nothing less. However, to endorse the Pre-K program while blatantly removing key pieces of information, intentionally misrepresenting the legislation and its potential consequences, refusing to provide even the appearance of equal time for those who dissent to your own views, and then pigeonhole everyone who disagrees with you into two irrational categories shows that you, editors and reporters of The Tennessean, are not journalists. I have worked with journalists, been a journalist myself, and understand what that means. No, staff of The Tennessean, you are nothing more than propagandists - pushing your own view under the cover of being a media outlet. Not trying to sound like my Mamaw, but y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you want to pick sides, then do so and obtain jobs with Bredesen, Howard Dean, and on Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign. Partisans take sides; journalists are supposed to be unbiased. Your handling of this matter is nothing more than a disgrace. No wonder fewer people read newspapers these days and are turning elsewhere for their news coverage.

Think I'm fired up? Check out Bill Hobbs and his feelings today about his hometown propaganda machine. While what The Tennessean is doing is despicable, it isn't, as Bill states, slanderous in a legal sense. However, I do get the point he is trying to make. My favorite line: "You get more balance from a biased blogger than from the supposedly objective newspaper."


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