Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Harold Ford says that Bush's judicial nominees do not "deserve to serve"

Blogging for Bryant has the blow-by-blow from this morning's Teddy Bart Roundtable in which Harold Ford, Jr., laid out an interesting litmus test. According to Ford, if the GOP can't convince "a few Democrats" to support a judge's nomination, that nominee "doesn't deserve to serve." First, the obvious - we can't be sure if a few Democrats or even if all Democrats aren't convinced because not one vote has been held on Brown, Prior, Owen, etc. Why hasn't a vote taken place? Because the Democrats don't allow up-or-down votes under the absurd current Senate rules. Second, if this is the test Ford wants to advocate - convincing a few members of the opposition party to see things your way leading to automatic passage - is this a two-way street? Can such a test be applied to, say, restrictions on abortion? Somehow, I have a hard time believing that the slick Congressman from Memphis, who, with this morning's remarks, makes this AP report of his conversion to conservatism look as foolish as Ford's reasoning on this matter, would agree to that fair application of his own test.

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