Tuesday, April 19, 2005


BREAKING NEWS: New Pope Chosen

I have to say that I am surprised that this happened so quickly. Although I am not Catholic, this is certainly an important development, given the large number of Catholics worldwide and how important strong leadership can be at at the global or national level for a faith (see the fall of the Methodists and their declining membership numbers).

Of course, I am just giddy that the word "conclave" will quickly disappear from all newscasts...

UPDATE: The new Pope is Germany's Joseph Ratzinger, who, at age 78, is only 6 years younger than his predecessor. Ratzinger is a traditionalist, so it is unlikely that there will be any dramatic changes in Catholic doctrine during the near future.

There will never be any "dramatic changes in Catholic doctrine during the near future" or any future, for that matter. Doctrine isn't up for debate. The Church will never reverse herself on fundamental moral and theological questions.
Blogging less than a day and I've already found you. Stefan says hello.
Brown-shoe, take-no-prisoners. I hope he puts Mass back into Latin and kicks the filthy hippies back out onto the street where they belong. :)

Actually, I think he's a caretaker. I can't wait till I see some liberal refer to him as "Pope Nazi."
I think you get some kind of gold star for "fastest Instalaunch ever."

You didn't honestly think the wonderful folks at Democratic Underground would let you down, did you?

"John Paul II was in the Polish resistance during WWII; Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth. 'Nuff said."

"Do you not recall his involvement with the Nazis?"

I'm sure there are lots more.

Good to hear from you and the gang at OGC! I would say that you are still on the ball, finding my blog only a few hours (not even a day) after its launch. Hope all is well up your way. Must say that I do not miss the traffic. :)
ak makes and assertion that doctrine will never change. Well, as I recall there were dramatic changes in practice such as latin to vernacular, fish on friday becoming optional and such after Vatican II. The Episcopal Church is an example of how apostles can become apostate. I'd say that his assertion doesn't hold water. No site meter, no way to see the effect of the instalaunch. Good to have a connection to the top!


Bob (a.),

Don't mistake exercises of the Church's pastoral and ecclesiastical authority -- such as the no meat on Friday rule, and the specification of the details of the form of the Mass -- which are made by man and may be changed by man, for authoritative and immutable teaching.
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