Friday, April 29, 2005


Boortz exposes the Left's Agenda

While driving home from watching over my 14-month-old nephew today while my poor brother-in-law had his wisdom teeth removed, I heard Neal Boortz talking about the motivations of the Left. Boortz really got me fired up, because this is the first time that I have heard a member of the radio elite eloquently articulate the desires and motivations of the Left while subscribing to my own personal theories (now in the public domain for 8 years) of why they do the things they do. Boortz is right - they want to be powerful and they want you to be powerless and, therefore, reliant. I found this post by Boortz from earlier this week that is along the same lines.

While Michael Savage is good for entertainment and Rush and Hannity have their moments, Neal Boortz takes the cake in my book. While I may not agree with him on every point, the guy analyzes the Left better than anyone. And he isn't afraid to blister a few un-conservative Republicans along the way, which I suppose makes us cut from the same cloth (if I should be so bold), as I may have showed earlier this morning.

MORE: It seems that Professor Reynolds and Ann Althouse are tired of all of the radio hosts. I suppose there is something to this, because it seems as if the news media has been in a rut since the Terri Schiavo incident (which some may argue was a rut all itself).

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