Friday, April 22, 2005


Blogging will be light for the rest of the day

I would like to say that, in honoring "Friday Afternoon" by The Floating Men, I am taking the rest of the day to relax, but that would only be partially true.

The true story is that the list of successful applicants on the most recent Tennessee Bar Exam was just released, and whether it is the first, second, or even tenth successful passage, such a victory deserves some sort of respite. I think I'll take mine at the driving range, as I have been lax to prepare for a charity golf tournament that I am playing in tomorrow at Eagles Landing in Sevierville. Actually, I probably would have made it to the range one way or the other today, but with this result I will probably spend more time on the putting green and less time on the range crushing drives into the great beyond.

Now if the weather will just cooperate...

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