Monday, April 25, 2005


Apologies for the lack of blogging this weekend

I suspect that blogging will be a normal activity on Saturdays, but that was not the case with the golf tournament this past Saturday. How did we do? Well, one of our team members called off about 11 P.M. Friday night with a family emergency, so my wife filled in - her having played all of 4 rounds of golf in her life. We did our best to stay warm and play well, but neither was in the cards. My inadequate play (easily the worst I have ever played) helped push us into 16th place out of 18 teams with a +3. Because of the sub-arctic weather, my wife now has a cold, and I am a bit under the weather myself.

As for Sundays, I don't plan to blog much on that day of the week. I make a sincere effort to take that day as a day of rest, with God, NASCAR, and the NFL doing their part to make sure I stick to the plan.

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