Monday, February 06, 2012


What Happens in Vegas...

The MSM has become all too predictable, and Sunday's overreaction to Mitt Romney's win in the Nevada caucuses really goes to prove it.

As I've said here and on other media sources, Nevada did not matter in any way to this primary season. Romney had Nevada locked up months before Iowa. Besides the high Mormon population there (over 25% of the registered voters, which means that we could be talking about 40% of Republicans), Romney's crew had already struck deals with the unions in Nevada, including the very powerful SEIU. Nevada was even more of a sure thing for Romney than any other state.

So why the sudden need by the MSM to declare this primary season over? Romney is certainly in the lead, but he doesn't have 8% of the delegates that he needs to secure the nomination. Can we at least wait until Missouri to see what happens there, to see how Santorum does with no Gingrich on the ballot? We're a month from Super Tuesday, so it would be nice to get that far...

Why are the liberals in such a hurry to fast forward to an Obama/Romney showdown? You can be sure that it's not so that they can talk about the Democrats unwillingness to pass a federal budget in 1100+ days...

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