Monday, February 06, 2012


Terry Frank for Anderson County Mayor

Take a look at our good friend and fellow blogger Terry Frank's new ad in her campaign to become the next Mayor of Anderson County.

That's a good, clean, simple ad there, folks. Terry would make a great mayor for Anderson County, and we wish her the best of luck in that pursuit. While Terry and I haven't agreed on everything through the years, I've known Terry for a good portion of my life and consider her one of the smartest, most passionate conservatives out there. Anderson County would be fortunate to have her as its leader.

I do note that Terry says that she will not raise taxes when she is elected, and, knowing Terry, I believe that will be true. I just hope that Terry and the rest of my friends running county and city governments recognize the difficulty that they are going to face if Governor Haslam's new crime bill passes. For whatever reason, Bill Gibbons - himself a former District Attorney - wants to pass the buck to local governments when it comes to crime. Well, that's not quite right. He wants to pass along significant added responsibility to local officials; there just aren't any bucks attached. Given how this is likely to play out, you might want to say an extra prayer for these folks (Tim Burchett, Ed Mitchell, Larry Waters, and, God willing, Terry Frank) as they do their best to steer our counties through some choppy budgetary seas.

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