Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Judge Young Retires

The Honorable W. Dale Young, Judge of the Circuit Court of Blount County, Division 1, retired from the bench yesterday.

I had the pleasure of practicing before Judge Young for the past 6 years. Even if the case didn't turn out the way that I wanted, I always felt that my client had received a fair and impartial hearing. Judge Young wasn't afraid to hammer a deadbeat dad, but he also showed great compassion for litigants that were needing the court to right a wrong. And no one enjoyed adoptions more than Judge Young; he and his staff went out of their way to make sure that it was a day that the children and adoptive parents would always cherish and remember.

That being said, Judge Young's retirement has been expected. He has been of poor health for quite a while, and despite his attempts to keep up with his dockets, it was apparent to everyone that a Republican Governor would likely mean his retirement. (If you don't understand the need for a Republican Governor, research what happened last time that Governor Bredesen appointed a Circuit Court judge and the drama that ensued.)

Names have been floating for a while as to who will apply to replace Judge Young. Some of them include the following: the Honorable William R. Brewer, Judge of the General Sessions Court of Blount County (Division III); Rob Goddard, former County Attorney under Mayor Jerry Cunningham; and Tammy Harrington, Deputy District Attorney.

Some folks have said that I am a candidate. I can see why people would say that, since I have established residency in Blount County recently, have let it be known that I would like the opportunity to serve this community as a member of the judiciary, and have never turned down the experience of sitting for a judge when they are not available. However, at this time and until I feel otherwise led, I am not planning on submitting my name for consideration for the Circuit Court position.

Whoever is appointed to the bench will have a hard act to follow. In addition to Judge Young, Blount County has a great collection of jurists that have set a high standard for any newcomer to the bench to uphold.

Photo from Blount Today

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You would be a fine judge. It would be an honor to serve as an officer in any court over which you might preside.

Dave -

That is a very kind thing of you to say. Lord willing, I will have such an opportunity.


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