Monday, March 29, 2010


Mumpowerful Reflections

A.C. Kleinheider provides some excellent commentary on the loss of Jason Mumpower as he serves his last weeks in the Tennessee House. This is a wonderful piece of reflection; it's probably the best post I've read this year on any subject.

Jason and I were at rival high schools during the same time back in the Tri-Cities. His rise to the House and eventually to leadership was astounding. Even with that - and this is just my personal reflection - Jason never really seemed to embrace the whole process. Whereas people like Ron Ramsey, Zach Wamp, and Lamar Alexander handle political situations and campaigning without batting an eye, Jason never seemed 100% comfortable with everything - in many ways like Ed Bryant, Bill Dunn, and David Davis. This is in no means judgmental or critical. It's simply an observation, and perhaps a relevant one. In my opinion, it's easier to leave something with which you're not 100% comfortable.

I wish Jason the best. He brought quite a bit of "out of the box" humor to functions, and he will be missed.

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