Monday, July 06, 2009


Facinating Thoughts on the Family from the Georgia Bench

I read this column, penned by the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, and was blown away. I haven't read something so powerful in some time now, particularly in light of what I see everyday in the many manifestations of the aftermath of divorce.

The column is well worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

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This is truly powerful. After reading it, I was left speechless-but it reaffirms what I have believed about no-fault divorce for many years: That it is a great evil for which God is punishing our society by allowing us to experience its ultimate result-the decline of the nuclear family as the central unit of social organization.

When the family corrupts and dies, our free republican system of government will, I fear, die with it. Our free system of government and law was built upon the premise not only that government which governs best governs least, but that government can govern least because the people have the moral ability to distinguish right from wrong and could govern themselves to the highest possible degree.

Without the family as the guiding principle of social organization, and the light of faith to guide a family's path, dependence on government for one's very sustinence becomes not only more likely, but necessary, because people will no longer have the moral ability to govern themselves.

Without the family, free government collapses.
I have found that painful experiences are often the best teacher. It is almost hard to say then that those who suffer most are often those with the most to learn.

These times in our country are those of great pain. We stubbornly refuse to learn and apply the lessons our founding fathers so innately knew. We divorce and suffer pain and then divorce again as if the second time will be any different then the first.

Though it is even worse then this, our country suffers pain for lack of restraint and decides that the restraint they do have is the source of their pain. Our country removes restraint, responsibility, burden and as a result only experiences more pain. Our country's stubborn response, remove more responsibility, grant more freedom. Surely when we have no fault divorce we'll not feel this pain, surely when we do not need to marry we'll not feel this pain, surely when marriage is not constrained to a man in a woman we'll not feel this pain. Surely when we can do what we want, when we want, to whom we want we'll not feel this pain.

People want absolute freedom, and forget that it requires absolute responsibility, both of which is something imperfect man can not bear on his own shoulders.

Thanks for the post Rob.
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