Monday, June 22, 2009


Cap-and-Trade on the House Floor Tuesday?

There are some early rumblings that the so-called "Energy Tax" - also known as "cap-and-trade" - might hit the floor in the House tomorrow. Tennesseans should be concerned, because a recent study said that Tennessee could lose 80,000 jobs as a direct consequence of cap-and-trade. Even conservative estimates from the CBO say that every family would basically suffer a $1,600 annual "tax" from the passing of cap-and-trade.

(Just for perspective, 80,000 potentially jobless Tennesseans is more than the populations of Johnson City, Jackson, Kingsport, Bristol, Franklin, Morristown, and Bartlett.)

The following ad has just hit the airwaves in an effort to rally support against cap-and-trade.

If you would like to keep that extra $1,600 per year in your pocket, perhaps you need to call your representatives in Congress and let them know how you feel.

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I know that I called and emails my representative and sent emails to my senators warning of the impending bill. I just read that Sen. Corker voted for a very, very slightly watered down version of cap and trade in the senate energy committee this morning.

As a scientist, I truly believe that this bill will help nothing until in includes provisions for massive nuclear infrastructure. The building of new nuclear power plants will create a spectrum of jobs from construction workers to nuclear engineers and can provide a very efficient, relatively cheap form of safe energy.
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