Saturday, April 25, 2009


Study: Same-sex Parents Twice as Likely to Live in Poverty

From the USA Today:

"Lesbian couples are more likely to be poor than married heterosexuals,
and children of same-sex parents are twice as likely to live in poverty as those
of traditional married couples, a new report shows."

Interesting results, for sure. Why would sexual orientation lead to a life of poverty?

I admit that I have no way to explain these results. Perhaps Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation was right when he called the study, a product of UCLA, "garbage." It certainly wouldn't be the first time an academic study related to homosexuality belonged in the landfill.

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Hey... Arlen Specter can now intervene for funding for further study! Now that he is free of the GOP, he can really start spending!

Won't miss this guy...

For more on why the GOP is very happy Specter is a Dem, hit:
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