Saturday, April 25, 2009


Study: Same-sex Parents Twice as Likely to Live in Poverty

From the USA Today:

"Lesbian couples are more likely to be poor than married heterosexuals,
and children of same-sex parents are twice as likely to live in poverty as those
of traditional married couples, a new report shows."

Interesting results, for sure. Why would sexual orientation lead to a life of poverty?

I admit that I have no way to explain these results. Perhaps Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation was right when he called the study, a product of UCLA, "garbage." It certainly wouldn't be the first time an academic study related to homosexuality belonged in the landfill.

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Giuliani Looking to Ride Gay Marriage Opposition to Governor's Mansion in New York

Recent polling tends to support that Giuliani's position on this issue is in line with most New Yorkers, but will it be enough to beat Democratic incumbent David Paterson or possible Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo?

Could a race in a politically liberal state like New York be decided by social issues in this economic climate? It certainly doesn't fit the profile, but kudos to Giuliani for drawing differences between him and his likely opposition this early in the process.



You're kidding?

Study: Dullness can kill a marriage

No, really? You mean to tell me that U.S. researchers have been able to conclude that a marriage that is dull and uninteresting can lead to problems in that marriage?

I hope no federal funding was used to prove that shocking conclusion.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


"Teddy Integrity's" Paid Volunteer Bill Approved by House

The New York Times calls the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act the "largest expansion of government-sponsored service programs since President John F. Kennedy first called for the creation of a national community service corps in 1963." And when the NYT says that, you know we're talking a level of wasted taxpayer dollars that boggles the mind.

This piece of Democratic legislation brilliantly creates "paid volunteers" - a mythical beast once restricted to Democratic political campaigns - to allow for Americans to serve in their communities. Because, you know, that's something that we would never be able to do without the government's help...

The Tennessee delegation broke down pretty much the way you would expect - with one exception. In the House, the Republicans (Roe, Duncan, Wamp, Blackburn) voted against the bill, while the Democrats (Davis, Gordon, Tanner, Cohen, and Cooper) all voted for it. (So much for Lincoln Davis and John Tanner being "fiscally conservative.") In the Senate, the Tennessee delegation was split. Thanks to Senator Corker for being one of only 19 Senators - all Republicans - to vote against this unnecessary expansion of the federal government.

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