Monday, February 16, 2009


2009 - Return to Sender

This year has not been kind.

I have witnessed Tennessee Democrats gaming the system to put a moron in the Speaker's Chair. Congress has passed the worst bill in my lifetime, which will be signed in my President Obama tomorrow. My dog passed away suddenly.

But with all of that, the worst part of 2009 for me has been my health. I've tried to dance around the issue, tried to soldier on, but it hasn't worked. The problems all started in the first week of January, when I had three straight days of bench trial on a termination of parental rights and adoption. Preparation for the trial required several 24-hour days leading up to trial, and that undoubtedly weakened my immune system. January 7th was the first day that I started showing signs of sickness. First it was just a common cold and laryngitis. Then came a sinus infection. Then came bronchitis and a middle ear infection. An unrelated 24-hour stomach flu then hit as February began. Two rounds of antibiotics and corticosteroids showed improvement - until I contracted the flu last Monday.

With the exception of two brief court appearances (one on Thursday, one on Friday), I've been laid up in my den for the past 5 days, sucking down Gatorades and Tussionex. The Appalachian in me doesn't like to slow down for anything, but I have felt my mortality over the past week. And, of course, Valentine's Day was ruined.

It's February 16th. Today marks Day 40 of illness for me in 2009.

Obama was right - change is here. Having seen some of that change, I want 2008 back.

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Best wishes for better times ahead, Rob. I am so sorry about your dog. And the illnesses -- I've had winters like that when a sinus infection, respiratory infection, etc., would grab hold hold and not let go. Try to stay away from the steroids. They weaken the immune system. When you can, sit in the sun.

I swear by Sambucol original black elderberry extract for flu, sinus, ear, etc., infections. Only that brand, please, developed by a virologist in Israel. The name may have changed to Sambucis, not sure, but it's put out or distributed by Nature's Way. Get at health food stores or Whole Foods or Wild Oats. Two teaspoons every 6 hours. Two small bottles, one after the other. It has been shown to be effective against flu and other viruses. And other stuff.
One thing to add to the above comment: Don't get the extract that has echinacea, etc., in it. Just the black elderberry. It comes in sweetened or artificially versions.
Donna -

Thanks for the kind advice. I'm doing pretty good this time around on the codene-based Tussionex.

Funny thing about your last comment - I had an attorney call me this evening and tell me to start inhaling echinacea. Funny stuff.

This was all brought on by working too hard. I know it, and it's my fault. I probably worked more hours last year than any other attorney in Tennessee, and now I'm paying for it. One thing's for sure - my billable hours are going to be a fraction of last year's after this January and February.


My brother is a lawyer. We sympathize.
Something that Vance and I have started taking is Host Defense. We get it at Earth Fare. Vance has been more faithful in taking it (I quit a while back just because I apparently can't keep a schedule!) and he has only been sick once so far. You might try that as well. I've gotten the elderberry mixture for Catie also.

an old recipe from Europe against recurrent infections
Total body cleansing .
Diet for at least 4 days.
Soup made with 2 organic carrots . one organic onion. organic garlic . one organic leek and fresh organic oregano ( a whole bunch )
Drink in the morning , lunch and other food..... if you can do it..... help is on the way without antibiotics or other pills of sudden death.
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