Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Need for Some Culture

As football season winds down, the VOLConWife thinks I'm in the need for a little "culture." She's probably right. If it doesn't have a pigskin, roundball, or the Backyardigans in it, I probably haven't been watching it over the past few months. I've taken a few steps to fix that over the next month.

Next Monday, we're heading over to Thompson-Boling to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Ever since we saw TSO several years ago, we have been huge fans and have attended one of their concerts every year since. Their Christmas story - as told with a blend of classical instruments and face-melting electric guitars - is the one Christmas tradition that we have started that we absolutely will not miss. And we'll be there again this year, in the 4th row, center stage. Tickets are still available.

Then, on January 15th, we'll be at the Tennessee Theater for one of the outstanding concerts by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. This performance is Mozart & Mendelssohn, and it features Navah Perlman (yes, the daughter of THAT Perlman). Frank Murphy has more information if you're interested.

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Rich Hailey (shotscrossthebow.com) and I will be at both concerts again as well. We saw you and the very pregnant Missus at TSO last year. We were two rows behind and to your left. Maybe this time we can actually speak! If not, we hope your family has a blessed holiday and a wonderful Christmas, and we will definitely see you at the KSO concert.
Lissa -

Well, if she's pregnant at this year's show, she's got A LOT of explaining to do...


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