Monday, December 15, 2008


Grilled Constitutional Officers on the Menu

I wish I could be in Nashville for the questioning of the candidates for the three constitutional officers. As so often happens, work is interfering with my political habit.

I don't want to be jaded about this process. I really don't. I don't want to think that the lobbying by some of the candidates before the ink had even dried on the Republican wins of November 4th will win the day. I want to believe that the answers today matter. I really do.

In any case, good luck to the candidates - especially my friends Jim Bryson, Randy Stamps, and Vance Cheek - as they audition for these important positions.

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Thanks Rob. I appreciate the sentiments. It was a good interview and hopefully will help the legislature select the Constitutional officers who can do the best job for the State. We are in a difficult economic time and we need the best we can get in those positions. It was an honor to be included. Hope to see you soon.
Jim -

Hope all went well yesterday. It's obviously a momentous moment in Tennessee history, and it's a shame that some journalists (like those at the Knoxville News-Sentinel) don't realize how important these appointments are.


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