Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Blue Christmas

For all of those who will be away from loved ones this Christmas - especially those who are serving our country overseas - here's what I consider to be one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, set to some wonderful visual accompaniment:

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Monday, December 22, 2008


Red State Update: Gays Hate Obama, Jackie Hates Hippies

Another episode of Jackie talking about hippie churches, the buffet at Shoney's, and lots of "Home Improvement" references.

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Cowardly Tennessee Democrats

Two months ago - prior to Election Day - I performed an informal, admittedly unscientific survey of bumper stickers throughout a weekend of driving around Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties. Throughout the whole weekend, I viewed 5 Obama stickers on Tennessee cars.

This weekend, I performed the same survey in the same counties. This time - post Election Day - I viewed 43 Obama stickers.

Folks, the difference between Tennessee Republicans and national Republicans has everything to do with bold attitudes and ideas. Tennessee Republicans have continued to move against the national political current because they don't roll over on their ideals and because they have a plan when it comes to winning elections.

The opposite is the case with the Democrats. On the national level, the Democrats have seized the talking points and come across as the party with initiative. However, on the state level, Tennessee Democrats are the cowards that only place the Obama bumper sticker on their vehicle after he's won the election.

Take it for what it's worth.

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Happy Chanukah!

Specifically for Ellen Berez, Assistant District Attorney for the Fifth Judicial District, I wanted to post three versions of the same song to honor those who celebrate the "eight crazy nights." I guess this song is just too catchy, because I've been playing it at the office for nearly a month.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Need for Some Culture

As football season winds down, the VOLConWife thinks I'm in the need for a little "culture." She's probably right. If it doesn't have a pigskin, roundball, or the Backyardigans in it, I probably haven't been watching it over the past few months. I've taken a few steps to fix that over the next month.

Next Monday, we're heading over to Thompson-Boling to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Ever since we saw TSO several years ago, we have been huge fans and have attended one of their concerts every year since. Their Christmas story - as told with a blend of classical instruments and face-melting electric guitars - is the one Christmas tradition that we have started that we absolutely will not miss. And we'll be there again this year, in the 4th row, center stage. Tickets are still available.

Then, on January 15th, we'll be at the Tennessee Theater for one of the outstanding concerts by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. This performance is Mozart & Mendelssohn, and it features Navah Perlman (yes, the daughter of THAT Perlman). Frank Murphy has more information if you're interested.

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Monday, December 15, 2008


Grilled Constitutional Officers on the Menu

I wish I could be in Nashville for the questioning of the candidates for the three constitutional officers. As so often happens, work is interfering with my political habit.

I don't want to be jaded about this process. I really don't. I don't want to think that the lobbying by some of the candidates before the ink had even dried on the Republican wins of November 4th will win the day. I want to believe that the answers today matter. I really do.

In any case, good luck to the candidates - especially my friends Jim Bryson, Randy Stamps, and Vance Cheek - as they audition for these important positions.

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Friday, December 12, 2008


Ed Bryant Named Federal Magistrate

I am happy to hear that my former boss, candidate, and friend Ed Bryant was sworn in this morning as U.S. Magistrate for the Western District of Tennessee. It's funny, but I told Ed several years back during a campaign swing that more judges needed to be like him. Ed will bring a great legal mind and sense of fairness to the federal bench.

A.C. has more over at Post Politics.

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Red State Update: "Christmas in a Beer Joint"

Tired of holiday stress? Jackie and Dunlap suggest that you spend some time in your local honky tonk in their latest music video, "Christmas in a Beer Joint."

While the song is lots of fun, I do have a few issues. First, I wasn't aware that Krystal ever closed. Ever. Second, Tennessee probation practices typically would never allow for probationers to be in a bar - even on Christmas.

But the song is funny. You gotta love the references to Bristol, Tunica, and the Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas album. Even Mr. Slaw makes an appearance.

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The Bizarro Bail-out

Obviously, the best thing that the U.S. government can do is to let GM, Ford, and Chrysler continue down the path they have chosen to take, which most likely results in bankruptcy. That is the only way for the "Big 3" to emerge stronger and more slimmed down in their fight to remain even remotely competitive with foreign automakers.

The reason for the demise of American car companies is the unionization of their workforce. Plain and simple.

So it is ironic in some ways that a deal was reached to federally bail out the "Big 3" - much to my chagrin - but that the deal was scuttled last night because the unions stepped in. Apparently, the unions are more interested in going down with the ship than negotiating for a better position in a post-bail-out world.

But all is not lost, for the Bush Administration - keeping with form as one of the worst presidencies in American history - is coming to the rescue. Apparently, the strings that Congress thought it had attached to the bail-out of the financial industry weren't actually there, because Bush is going to use that money for the automakers.

We have entered bizarro world as it relates to the federal government. It is amazing to look throughout the world and see admitted socialized governments with less evidence of actual socialization than our own federal government here in a declared "democracy" with free-market principles.

It's come to the point where I hate blogging about the federal government, because it is just so daggone depressing.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


"We're On a Mission From God"

It's 106 miles to Chicago.
We've got a full tank of gas,
half a pack of cigarettes,
it's dark,
and we're wearing sunglasses.

Yes, this scene will be reenacted sometime in the next 24-hours. (No doubt that I will be playing the part of Jake.) Da boys are heading on a cross country road trip to see Da Bears play in the Windy City (which, by all forecasts, will be the snowy, freezing cold city on Saturday). Of course, our line would be:

It's 546 miles to Chicago.
We've got reservations at Ditka's,
half a pack of Slim Jims,
it's snowing,
and we're wearing Bears jerseys.

Hit it.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Saxby Takes Georgia In Run-off Rout

Good news out of Georgia, as GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss has staved off his Democratic challenger in Tuesday's state-mandated run-off. Chambliss won back on November 4th, as well, but Georgia law mandates a statewide run-off in the event that the winner on Election Day does not garner 50% of the vote.

I'm personally thrilled that Saxby is still a force in D.C. I always enjoyed going to his office when he was in the House; he and his staff were some of the best people on the Hill. With so many of the good conservatives from those early 2000's Congresses no longer in D.C. (Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and J.C. Watts come to mind, along with Lindsey Graham's leftward journey), it's important to have conservatives like Saxby in the Senate.

This is great news for all Americans who don't want to see the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party pushed through the Congress over the next two years. The filibuster-proof Republican numbers in the U.S. Senate - which currently numbers at 40 but could grow to 41 if the Democrats aren't successful in stealing the election for their tax-evading comedian nominee Norm Coleman is able to hold on in Minnesota - must hold together if this is to occur, but at least there is hope that this can be done.

This is also a sign that Republicans are not nationally dead. Special efforts like those of Bill Frist here in Tennessee allowed for those of us who couldn't travel to Georgia to help Saxby due to work responsibilities to help by calling Republicans in Georgia and encouraging them to get to the polls. Run-offs are about turning out your supporters, and the Republicans were able to do that in this case.

A final winner was arguably Sarah Palin. She was the designated "closer" for Saxby over the last few days of the run-off campaign, and Saxby's win can't hurt her rising political star.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Two-fer Tuesday

Last week's Tuesday artist was AC/DC. This week's is a bit different - Weezer.

First, a song from my college days that is a fantastic Spike Jonze video. And, yes, I can dance like Fonzie if provided the correct libations.

The second video is a more recent song that features the acting "talent" of "The Hef" and his three little bunnies.


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