Monday, November 24, 2008


Silence Versus Oatney - IN A STEEL CAGE!

Michael Silence and David Oatney have gone at it before, but Michael probably crossed the line when he decided to delve into what can be construed as a personal insult with his dead wood column this week. Somebody call Vince McMahon at WWE - we need to settle this with a "loser leaves town" match!

While I like Mike, it's been hard to take him seriously lately on anything political. In October on several occasions, he not only predicted a win in Knox County for Obama (where he lost by over 23 points) but also started cheerleading for a "seismic (political) event" for the entire state (and we all know how Obama did in Tennessee). With those predictive powers, I don't think that Mike will be consulted by Vegas on any betting lines in the near future.

Sometimes I wonder if Silence is too worried about appeasing his liberal blogging buddies (which dominate East Tennessee in numbers, admittedly) a bit too much. I'm sure that he doesn't see it the same way, but then again what do I know? I only read his blog every day.

Guess I'll be the "worst of the worst of blogging" subject for next week. Good thing no one reads the weekend newspapers after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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I have lost my ability to respect Michael. This is a man who I once told Jason Mumpower that I thought was the best political reporter in the State.

If Michael does this to his friends, I'd hate to see what he does to his enemies.
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