Friday, June 13, 2008


David Davis for Sale?

Demarcationville has the dust-up.

I'm not sure what is more concerning to me as someone who (rightly or wrongly) has been labeled as a "grassroots conservative activist." (Again, whatever that means...)

Obviously, the thought of an elected official taking money - even for campaign purposes - and then reciprocating with a bill that helps the source of that money is troublesome.

On a whole different level, though, is a political staff that deals so ineffectively with the media. First, it was the Wikigate incident. Now Davis' staff is getting into a pissing contest with one of the only legitimate media outlets in the 1st District?

One of my issues with David Davis' 2006 campaign was the repeated lack of ethics by some on his campaign staff. It appears that some of that juvenile behavior may have accompanied David to Washington. I know David's Chief of Staff in D.C., Brenda Otterson, and I'm surprised that she hasn't swung the axe to reign this type of behavior in. Brenda's a no-nonsense COS, one of the best on The Hill, and the power that she had in the office during her service with Bill Jenkins would have cut any behavior like this off at the knees. Has her power within the office been limited under the new Member? I have no clue, but I'm starting to wonder. I know that Brenda is retiring come the end of the year, and perhaps that has something to do with it.

David Davis has a good conservative voting record and is strong on social issues (when he's not supporting dogfighting). However, it's stuff like this that makes him vulnerable when facing a serious primary challenge from a fellow conservative like Phil Roe.

(Hat tip: Michael Silence)

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