Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Republican-on-Republican Crime?

It's no secret that I am not supporting the GOP nominee for the White House, John McCain. I have been consistent in that viewpoint, and my convictions are based on the moderate McCain's views that support criminals entering the United States, his lack of support for previous tax cuts, his treachery against Republican social conservatives, and what I perceived during my time on Capitol Hill as his general lack of sanity.

However, I'm curious about what is going on in Knox County. Someone answer me this:

Why is the previous Knox County GOP Chairman openly supporting Democrats?

I routinely read my friend Brian Hornback's blog, and it is apparent that he is solidly against Republican nominee for County Clerk Foster Arnett, Jr., as well as Republican nominee for County Commission, Seat 4A Ruthie Kuhlman.

Is it a grudge? Is it an ideological difference? Anyone care to speculate?

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Rob, obviously being a lawyer the last few years has confused your mind and reality has escaped you. No where on Brian's Blog will you or any rational person find that I am openly supporting Democrats.

However, I will present the prosecutions evidence for the real Republican on Republican crime at Brian's Blog later this evening (4-29-2008) It has already been presented on my blog before, but obviously you didn't catch it.

Have a good one,
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