Friday, March 07, 2008


Federal Judiciary Secretly Acting in Tennessee?

This is troubling. I have worked with Herb Moncier previously, and I found him to be quite enjoyable. On the other side of the coin, I know other attorneys who claim to have found the experience memorable for other reasons. And it should be noted that I don't tend to agree with all of his arguments or choice of suits.

That being said, the thought of the Federal Bench here in Tennessee working to remove a practicing attorney who just so happens to expose corruption at various levels of government is frightening. As Attorney Randy Reagan states in the article, this has a chilling effect on attorneys who step out against the government. I can see this in my own initial feelings on Moncier's case.

I haven't been vocal about it at all, but I was the initial attorney who helped expose a great deal of the corruption that existed in Grainger County a couple of years back. Indictments came down, and elected and appointed officials were removed. I currently have a few cases involving a Tennessee executive agency that leads me to believe that it is ripe with corruption. If I continue to push these cases - which would be the right thing to do - will secret judicial proceedings occur against me? Will my law license be put at risk because I act ethically in providing zealous advocacy?

Truly frightening stuff, and a true example of why a powerful government must be held in check by its people.


Regarding the issue in Grainger County, we just recently found out that the officer who was responsible for bringing to light much of this corruption was fired from his duties as a deputy in Grainger County. According to the newspaper article, Mr. Self felt that he was fired for frivolous reasons. I wonder if this had anything to do with his standing up to corruption.
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