Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Putting the "B" in "Busy"

This year has been tough on the ole VOLCon. Work has been uncontrollably busy. Heck, I'm even threatening to have more billable hours than my friends who work for the big metropolitan firms that I always felt sorry for because they worked all of the time.

But I've been trying to play hard, too. At least, I'm doing that until the baby comes.

Tennessee football games. Tennessee basketball games (although I missed last night's exhibition due to exhaustion). Trans-Siberian Orchestra this Wednesday night (which is also being attended by fellow blogger Michael Silence).

I'm glad to have completed the birthing classes, which concluded last week. Baby shower was this past Sunday.

Do you get the impression that my head is spinning?

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Hey! We saw you guys come in at the TSO concert! We were in the 7th row on the left side. Tried to catch up with you after, but the crowd was too heavy. Awesome show, though, eh? I can hardly wait for next year!
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