Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sad Times on The Hill

Even Smokey can't stand it.

The whole area seems to be depressed. Our Vols were humiliated in the Swamp. They will have a tough time against a better-than-expected Arkansas State team this weekend. I have heard several fans state that they are not going to attend in an unorganized protest against the current coaching staff. (I can say that I will not be one of them, as it is when your team is losing that it is most important that you stand beside them.)

That being said, a source on the Hill has told me that "feelers" were put out to perspective coaching candidates yesterday in the event that the current staff can't stop the ship from sinking.

Of course, as I said after the first quarter of Saturday's game, we're just that much closer to basketball season. Oops...

Then came word yesterday that Coach Bruce Pearl is getting divorced.

It's just a bad time all around for the Big Orange.

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