Friday, March 02, 2007


Too Tired to Blog

Sorry, guys and gals, but this week has made it too difficult to spend any time blogging, returning e-mail (if you sent me something this week, I'll try to get to it this weekend), or otherwise living.

Besides being sick as a dog, I have billed more hours in the past week than in any other week this year. And the irony there is that this week was supposed to be a light week, one where I catch up at work and rest enough to remain healthy. The best laid plans...

Right now, I am on pace to bill more hours than most of my friends at the major firms who pull down what is known as in the legal arena as the "big bucks." Long and short of things - I need a vacation.

Thank God one is right around the corner. Seven more days...

UPDATE: My dad has asked me to comment on the subject of vacations. As regular readers know, I take my vacations at my Mom and Dad's condo on Hilton Head Island. No matter how many times I go there, it never gets old.

He also wanted me to mention that he still has the last week in March (March 24-31) available for rental. Mention that you saw this post on VOLuntarilyConservative and he will give you a discount. I believe he also has one week left in May (May 12-19) and two weeks left in September (September 1-8 and September 8-15) for this year. Everything else in March, May, July, and December is already gone.

The condo comfortably sleeps 6 (there are two bedrooms and a sofa sleeper), has a full kitchen, gas grills, washer/dryer, and jacuzzi tub.

You can e-mail me (UTLegalEagle-at-yahoo-dot-com) or my dad (rhud12345-at-yahoo-dot-com) for more information.


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