Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Red-light Cameras Survive

Once again, the Tennessee House has failed to stand up to the Communist Republic of Knox County. Congratulations, inept House Members!

Nevertheless, I won't vote for any of the sitting council members - or the mayor - who oversaw this idiotic process. In fact, I will donate money to anyone who runs against Knoxville City Council incumbents - whether they be Democrats, Green Party, Constitutional Party, whomever - and pledges to void the red-light camera contract.

The system is ridiculous. Attorneys across Knox County are already developing strategies aimed at challenging the system. Since our General Assembly can't protect us, we'll have to look to the judiciary.

(See, this is an example of a time when not everything that attorneys do is bad. Taking on the corrupt government in Knox County and the City of Knoxville - is there a more noble cause?)

Thanks to Blount County Representative Joe McCord and Knox County Senator Tim Burchett for spearheading this effort, even if Naifeh's minions made their efforts for naught.

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Please encourage folks to persue this in court. I think there is a lot of wiggle room with traffic cameras in court.

Also, I'm not sure if you read this article

UCF! (My alma mater)
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