Sunday, February 04, 2007


Your Super Bowl Task, Should You Choose to Accept It...

It has come to my attention that many of you are unfamiliar with the words to "Bear Down, Chicago Bears." With a little over 6 hours to the Super Bowl, Bryan Griffin of Chicago's Lyric Opera has graciously agreed to tutor those who need some brushing up on the Chicago Bears' fight song.

You've got 6 hours, so get to learnin'!


We love your site. Keep blogging.

Here's our Super Bowl prediction:
BEARS 28, Colts 17

-He Said, She Said

I'm a die-hard Dolphin fan akin to your passion for da Bears. So much so, the ONLY present I asked for from my family for my Birthday in the middle of the Primary last year was a Bob Griese 1967 Throwback (the year I was born). It's huge on me but I love it.

Nothing made me more angry than when people who didn't care about the Redskins or the 49ers casually cheered against my boys in Super Bowls XVII and XIX. So I offer football condolences to you sincerely; even though I am wearing my Johnny Unitas 1970 Colts Mitchell & Ness (my Manning Jersey with the Super Bowl patch didn't make it in in time).

I wish you well next year and if your boys get back to the Big Game; let's hope they play my Mammals and we'll have the joint blow-out of the decade.


PS: Trade some of those darn UF alumns on the defensive front for a quarterback.
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