Thursday, February 15, 2007


Divorces Down in Tennessee

The State of Tennessee announced on Wednesday its statistics for 2005 regarding marriages and divorces.

Divorce numbers were down, which most people would probably say is a good thing.

There were 27, 823 divorces, compared to 65,400 marriages in 2005.

What gets me is the way that Sevier County has successfully cornered the market on weddings in Tennessee. 28.6% of all weddings in Tennessee occurred in Sevier County. When you consider the number of counties and Sevier County's small population relative to counties like Davidson, Shelby, and Knox... That's just astounding.

Probably the best piece of news in all of this is that over half of the divorces in 2005 involved no minor child. Between the damage done to children of divorce and the damage done to the non-custodial parent's bank account (as chronicled here), this is good news indeed.

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