Monday, October 16, 2006


The Taming of the Schree

Honey Bunches of Oatney (sorry, Dave, but I love A.C.'s nickname for your site) lays it on the line regarding the State House race in the 18th District. Pure and simple - Stacey Campfield is the best choice out there.

Stacey may not be the greatest speller in the world. Stacey may not have the crossover appeal of a John McCain or Bill Clinton. But if you are a Tennessee conservative, I can't think of a better person to have representing your values in the Tennessee House than Stacey Campfield.

I don't think that this race will be as close as those in the media think it will be. Of course, those same people had Stacey penciled in for a loss in the primary, too, before they got wind of his 45-point win. Even with all of the money coming in from out-of-state (as David points out in his post) and Governor Bredesen pumping money and assistance into her campaign (which tells you where ole Phil stands on a few things), Schree Pettigrew is simply out of her league and in the wrong area of the United States.

Pettigrew's politics are fit for locales like Boston, Burlington, and Binghamton. She has no business representing the values of a slice of Rocky Top.

Send Schree packing, and send Stacey Campfield back to the Tennessee House for the 18th District.

MORE: If you are in the Knoxville area and feel so inclined, Stacey Campfield is having a fundraiser at the I-75 Expo Center from 5:00 until 7:00 P.M. today (Monday). I may make an appearance myself, but I am tentatively set to appear on Open Source with Christopher Lydon Monday evening. The radio show on the Tennessee Senate race may be moved to Tuesday, so we'll just have to see what happens on both counts.

Nicole and I dearly wish we could attend the fundraiser tonight-Stacey was kind enough to insure we got an advance invitation. One of the only doensides of living out in White Pine is that if I have to be at a function like the fundraiser at five, we very often can't get away from here until five and it takes us an hour to get to Knoxville. I told Stacey to make sure everyone there got our best...

Nicole and I are going to try and be in Knoxville on election night. If we can make it out, perhaps we'll have a chance to see you and Angela.
Dave -

Well, I didn't make the event, either, and I live in Knoxville.

As for Election Night, you'll only see us if you're attending the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at Thompson-Boling. A family tradition overrules politics every time.


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