Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Remarks on Week 4 Poll

Ohio State remains the unanimous choice of the Internet Rankings Alliance of College Football, as it has been since Week 1. With the Buckeyes visiting #13 Iowa this weekend, it's likely that Ohio State only needs to keep winning to retain the top spot, since Auburn and USC haven't exactly been playing actual competition on a week-in and week-out basis. (Buffalo, Auburn? Y'all should be ashamed...)

The Big 10 continues to look strong with the pollsters, as Michigan leapfrogs Florida and West Virginia to the #4 spot.

The big news this week are the tumbles taken by Notre Dame and Georgia after barely winning games against ridiculous opponents that they should have blown out. Georgia, by all rights, should have lost to Colorado, a team that lost to D-1AA Montana State a few weeks back. The national media, which protects Notre Dame like Greg Anderson protects Barry Bonds, tried to build up Michigan State in the week preceding the contest with the Fighting Irish in East Lansing, but savvy football fans weren't fooled. Notre Dame will continue to roll against the likes of the Girl Scouts, Idaho School for the Blind, and the Coast Guard, but that won't change the fact that this is not a very good football team. On top of that, callers to national radio talk shows are beginning to question whether Charlie Weiss can coach defense. Based on the results thus far, I have to side with "No."

Their struggles saw undefeated Georgia fall from #8 to #11, behind two teams (LSU and Texas) that have one loss. Notre Dame took a tougher slide, landing at #17 from #13 last week and #4 two weeks ago.

Last week saw what many believed to be as a lackluster weekend of college football produce several good games. Let's hope the same happens this week, as only a few games (OSU/Iowa, Alabama/Florida, Oregon/Arizona State) look promising.

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