Tuesday, September 05, 2006


IRA-CF Rankings - Week 1

Here are the Week 1 rankings from the Internet Ranking Alliance of College Football (IRA-CF).

1) Ohio State
2) Texas
3) Southern Cal
4) Auburn
5) Notre Dame
6) West Virginia
7) LSU
8) Florida
9) Oklahoma
T10) Georgia
T10) Florida State
12) Tennessee
13) Louisville
14) Iowa
15) Michigan
16) Clemson
17) Penn State
18) Miami
19) Virginia Tech
20) Nebraska
21) Oregon
22) TCU
T23) California
T23) Texas Tech
25) Alabama

Others receiving votes: Arizona State, South Carolina, Rutgers, Georgia Tech.
Schools receiving 1st Place votes: Ohio State, Texas, Southern Cal.

Thank you to all of the pollsters who contributed.


A big player to watch ~ Air Force DT Gilberto Perez. At 6'3", 275 pounds, he's got NFL skills. I'd have a lot of "I" formations with Cory in as fullback to seal the ends for Arian.

There is no way their DB's can hold Bobbie, Jason and Chris so Air Force is going to have to ring Eric's bell often to keep this game from being a blowout. (Barring of course the Traditional MelTdown that occurs at least once a year)
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