Friday, September 01, 2006


GOP Gaining Ground in Senate Polls

Check out the latest poll numbers over at The American Thinker. Of the five most-vulnerable Republican Senators, only two are now trailing, and those two (Santorum: down 4 points; DeWine: down 3 points) are easily in the margin of error.

Like I've been saying - the Democratic optimism oozing out of the mainstream media this election season is identical to that of 2004. They were shocked that Kerry lost. They will be shocked when they wake up on November 8th and the Republicans are still in control of Congress.

I'm hearing that Santorum is making major headway against Casey in Pennsylvania on the immigration issue. It appears that Casey is a big fan of amnesty, while Santorum is one of the strongest advocates of fixing the illegal immigration problem in the Senate. Their first debate is set for this Sunday. Expect a poll about a week or two later showing Santorum in the lead.

My only question is whether Kleinheider and Abramson will come around before Election Day and admit that Casey is not going to win this race.

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