Sunday, May 21, 2006


Sticking with the NASCAR theme...

An article in the Tennessean reminded me of a free agent driver that needs some attention.

If any NASCAR team owner with a vacancy has a desire to put a great driver and even better person behind the wheel of his car, one need look no further than Ward Burton.

I'm a Bill Elliott fan from back in the early 1980's. Right now, I have very little allegiance to any one driver, although I do cheer for Sterling Marlin when he is in contention (which, unfortunately, isn't often these days). I could easily cheer for Ward Burton, car owners. Forget these young never-won-anythings that keep getting promoted to the Nextel Cup level. (Remember the good ole days when one had to win the Busch Series or later the Craftsmen Truck Series to get a shot at the big boys? Nowadays, one doesn't even have to finish in the top 10 of any series to get a shot - as long as he has a baby face and can speak in perfect cliches.)

Are you listening, Robert Yates? Chip Ganassi? Call Ward. You won't be disappointed.

I was always a Rusty Wallace fan from the 1980's, I even changed car brands when Rusty changed.

I don't have a true favorite. Even tough if I had to pick one now it would be Jimmy Johnson, due to two reasons. 1) I think he is good 2) I like Lowes.

It was difficult for a Southern Baptist to explain the whole Miller Genuine Draft and then Miller Lite sponsorship
Brian -

I went through the same thing with Bill Elliott (Coors Light, Bud), but I was a Methodist at the time, so that made things a bit easier. :)


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