Monday, May 22, 2006


Immigration Rodeo

Check out the post over at Donkey Cons on today's immigration headlines. Some quotable lines:

If more people watched C-SPAN instead of QVC, every member of Congress would be unemployed by Christmas in what I imagine would look something like a nuclear election holocaust.

I have this terrible feeling I finally understand what a 'compassionate conservative' is: an emotional train wreck.

The immigration debate in the Senate is descending swiftly into the silly. Certain senators have demonstrated that they have no idea what they're asked to vote for, or why. They can only hope the public is similarly dumb.

The final statement there is a potential blog post in the near future. In particular, it relates to the Senate race - primary and general election - here in Tennessee. Most of the candidates and their campaigns are relying on a dumb electorate. Bob Corker doesn't want a smart electorate, because then they would see that he raised taxes, supported Democrats, and was pro-choice. Van Hilleary doesn't want a smart electorate, because then he would be exposed for his ties to Jack Abramoff, his phony-baloney restitution for those ties, and bizarre campaign strategies involving Jane Fonda and fake "conservative truces." Heck, both Bob and Van need to keep from voters that they aren't even the best candidates in their own respective families (Jean Corker and Meredith Hilleary would take those honors, in my humble opinion).

Of course, Harold Ford doesn't want a smart electorate because they will uncover that every stance that he takes during the campaign is in direct opposition to his voting history in Congress. His campaign strategy may lie with the hope that the failing Memphis school system has produced enough voters to carry him to victory in November.

As for the Ed Bryant campaign, they have run into some difficulty in recent weeks in getting out their candidate's message. (Of course, even saying that, Ed won another straw poll in Shelby County over the weekend, this one by 40% over second-place Corker and extremely distant third-place Van Hilleary. Even through a lull in his campaign momentum as Corker spends his millions, Bryant still has strong showings amongst the party faithful.) There certainly is no need to panic, because we still have over 2 months left, but Ed needs to get his message to the people and not be drawn down into the mire by Hilleary or baited to spend his campaign money too early by Corker.

Well, I guess this isn't a future post at all...

I have been concerned for the last 2-3 weeks that the Bryant campaign is running no ads at all, while Corker is playing Mr. Conservative on East Tennessee talk radio, and having "coffee with Mama" over at Southern Graces?

Where is Bryant to be found? Answer: Outside the blogosphere, virtually nowhere. It is frustrating. Who is running that campaign, Rob, Bozo the Clown?

I am convinced Bryant could win if his people knew what in Sam Hill they were doing. He should be all over radio and television in East Tennessee if he intends to win this race, and he should be all over it a month ago.

He needs to move, he needs to do it now, or we may all be calling Ford "Senator."
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